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2023 Standing Committees

2023 Board of Directors 

Janet Gerl 

Dawn Stoller – Elected 2022 

Faye Bley

 Sherri Kuss 

Bridget Isaksen -- Elected 2023 

Wendy Woldt 

 Ryan Gerdmann

 Brandon Schopf – Elected 2021 

Kelley Lindsley

 Executive Committee 

Faye Bley, President 

Dawn Stoller, V. President 

Janet Gerl, Secretary 

Wendy Woldt, Treasurer

2023 Standing Committees 

 Education Committee: Faye Bley (Chairperson) No committee needed for 2023 

 Luminere Committee: Tom Stoller (Chairperson) Faye Bley, Wendy Woldt, Sherri Kuss, Kelley Lindsley and Ryan Gerdmann. 

 Barn Dance Committee: Wendy Woldt (Co-chairperson) Brandon Schopf (Co-chairperson), Faye Bley, Sherri Kuss, Barbara Gerdmann, Bridget Isaksen, Janet Gerl, Kelley Lindsley, Dawn Stoller and Kristin Tassoul 

 Spring and Fall Ranch Show Committee: Donny Skinkis, Heather Brandl, Erin and Kurt Heim (Co-Chairpersons), Faye Bley, Sherri Kuss, Wendy Woldt, Barb & Faith Gerdmann, Kolby Woldt, Sue Woldt, Morgan Schleis, Natalie Patza, Andrea Patza, Kelley Lindsley, and Lana Chandler, Andrea and Natalie Patza. Finance Committee: Wendy Woldt (Chairperson), Faye Bley, Janet Gerl, Dawn Stoller, Sherri Kuss and Tom Stoller 

 Drill Team Committee: Faye Bley (Chairperson), Juslain LuMaye, Teri Casagranda and Barb Gerdmann