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Joe Wolters

Joe approaches teaching the same way he approaches horses; with thoughtfulness, patience and humility.

Just as no two horses or people are alike, no two Joe Wolter Clinics are alike. Joe is an innovative teacher, always adjusting to fit the situation and to meet the needs of riders and their horses.

Riders of all levels and disciplines are welcome. It doesn’t matter what sort of saddle you ride, or who made it. You can wear a hard hat, a flat hat, or a ball cap. All that really matters is your desire to learn.


Horsemanship classes serve as the foundation for advancement and are designed to help develop a stronger horse/human partnership regardless of the rider’s discipline or experience.

Horsemanship 1 

is ideal for green riders, green horses, more advanced riders wishing to build additional skills or older horses that might benefit from more foundation work. Joe works with each horse and rider to help them progress as a team and to address any issues they may encounter. The class covers basic groundwork in preparation for riding, and then continues those lessons into the saddle for further progression of horse and rider.

Horsemanship 2 

focuses on refining the skills needed to further advance riders toward their goals, whether on a ranch, on the trail, or in the show ring. Joe strives to help riders understand things from the horse’s point of view so that together they can accomplish whatever is required of them. The class is geared to the individual needs of each horse and rider and may include cow work, trail obstacles or other challenges.

Cow Working

Cow working classes are for any rider wishing to start their horse on cattle, or to further advance a horse already working cattle. Riders learn about position, timing, pressure points and how to utilize their horsemanship skills to track, sort and cut cattle. The emphasis is on horse and rider teamwork, developing a horse that truly wants to work a cow and on using low-stress livestock handling techniques that pay off on the ranch and in the show ring.

Horsemanship 1: Tuition $550 ($275 deposit)

Horsemanship 2/Cow Work: Tuition $550 ($275 deposit)

cattle fee $35.00 per day 

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