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You will not want to miss this weekend!!!

On Friday we will have 5 stations set up with instructors.‚Äč

Ranch Roping-Troy Nickel

Cattle and flag work-Damien Mikkelson

Reining/Ranch Riding/Ranch Rail Maria Bendixen

Trail- Kolby Woldt & Diane Mancheski

Each station will:

have a sign up sheet when you register(sign up for where you want to be at what time)

rotate every 2 hours

Limit to 10 per session

Lunch will be from 1pm-2pm

if you finish with what you wanted to work on you are welcome to go audit another station.

Cost for Seminar is $100.00 plus a $35.00 cattle fee if participating in cattle events.

Auditing for the day is

$35.00 Adult

$20.00 Youth (18-11)

10 and under are free